OnEReM Change Log

Information about OnEReM New Features & Upcoming Features

Smart Search (2017 August 17)

Now you can search your students by using any data you inserted to tha database.

SMS Pro - SMS Footer (2017 August 14)

Now you can add your institute name in the bottom of the exam results sms.

Student Area - View Results (2017 August 02)

Add newly released exams notifications and student's result at the top of the resultsheet page.

Online Support (2017 August 01)

Now you can chat with Softink Lab support center and get help about OnEReM.

SMS Sending (2017 July 27)

Now you can send students results to their mobile phone.

Resultsheet Printing (2017 July 25)

Now you can print or export the resultsheets.

Student Management - Student Image (2017 July 20)

We added the feature, add student's image to the database. Now you can add image url as the profile image of the student.

OnEReM Core Update 1.0 (2017 July 17)

We did few changes to OnEReM core to run smoothly in all web browsers and load fast with slow internet connections.