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OnEReM is Another Big Project of Softink Lab

OnEReM Teacher Dashboard

What is OnEReM?

OnERem is a Online Exam Result Management System for schools and tuition classes. This is a complete online solution for paper marking result process and student side result process. This will automate all calculations and make easy for managing heavy exams. One account has a different type sub accessing accounts for marking panel members, supervisors, teachers and students. Administrator can manage the whole exam marking process without involving it. By using this system teachers can track their students individual wise or class wise performance. Students can check their performance also by logging their student's account.

This service mostly used in Sri Lanka and we've checked and successfully implemented OnEReM with several tuition classes and schools. According to the success of this service we decided to provide this service all over the world. If you need any special modification we are ready for that.

This service is available in different plans. Please refer plan section in OnEReM site. If you need different plan we can do it for you. We are giving free account also with some limitations. That is the best selection for classes which has few amount of students. Also by that anyone can test Free OnEReM and check is it suite for their job. Join today with OnEReM and make your work easy.

Why OnEReM?

OnEReM is the one and only solution for result management and also it is the cheapest service among all related services to class management. We don't force you but this system can be an emblem for your class. OnEReM is a time saver. Makes everything easier and we believe your exam management stress is over now.

World is going behind the modern technology. So there is no wrong to add more smart things to your teaching. This will give you an automatic publicity as a small gift. Not only that now OnEReM is becoming a trend. To attract more students to your classes you can market OnEReM. We wish to see your success with OnEReM.

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